The Langhe is a breathtaking scenery of a vineyeard landscape in the Cuneo province, and it is proudly featured in the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is in this region, so rich of traditions and artisanship, that our delectable desserts come into being.


In our kitchen we only use unprocessed ingredients from local suppliers resulting in pastry with a natural flavor of our land. Furthermore, a farm-to-table approach eliminates waste and ensures the highest standard of quality.


All our products are free of preservatives and chemical dyes.  Our products are garanteed for their aromatic freshness.


Delizie di Langa,” or Langa Delights, are the product of passion and tradition handed down from our grandparents.  These values are an integral part of our identity and of our love for culinary masterpieces of the Piedmont region.


Upon request, we use alternative ingredients and exclusive recipes to produce specialties that meet a variety of food allergies and dietary needs.


Some of our recipes are naturally gluten-free.  In addition, we offer gluten-free products that are savory and decisevely free of contaminants.


Our staff is at your disposal.  Order your personalized products!